Corneal Cross-Linking

Corneal Cross linking in Boise

If you suffer from Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration (PMD), or post-LASIK ectasia (thinning of the cornea), then Cross Linking may be for you.

What is Corneal Cross linking?

Cross linking is a safe, gentle treatment for progressive thinning of the cornea.  It entails infusing the surface of the eye with Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) for 15 minutes followed by a 10-minute exposure to a certain wavelength of light.  This procedure strengthens the cornea by increasing the collagen-collagen double bonds thus increasing the rigidity of the eye. 

Who is a good candidate for Cross linking?

Ideal candidates for Cross linking are those identified early in their lives with keratoconus.  We are able to treat children as young as 15 years old and adults up to age 50.  

What to expect during a treatment

The eye is gently numbed with topical anesthetic.  Then the eye is lightly polished with a sterile sponge and then a contact lens filled with Riboflavin is applied to the eye and left on for 15 minutes.  Once the doctor determines that the Riboflavin has adequately penetrated the cornea, the lens is removed and the light source is directed to the eye.  Total exposure time is between 5 and ten minutes.  Following the procedure, a bandage contact lens is applied and the patient is able to go home.  The contact lens is removed the following morning and the patient is able to go home.  The contact lens is removed the following morning and the patient is able to return to work.

Why choose Corneal Cross linking?

Keratoconus, PMD and post-LASIK ectasia are all chronic, progressive diseases that left untreated, may lead to permanent vision loss or the need for corneal transplantation.  These are expensive, painful and difficult surgeries that are often less successful than the patient would like.  Avoiding surgery is possible and extremely likely if Cross linking is performed early in the disease state.

Dr. McNeel is an expert in the treatment of Keratoconus, PMD, and post-LASIK ectasia.  Please contact our office which is conveniently located between Ustick and McMillan road.  McNeel Eye Center, 4270 N. Eagle Rd. Boise, Idaho 83713.  Or call us at 208-938-2010.


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