Contact Lenses in Boise Idaho

If you are considering contact lenses, Dr. McNeel can custom fit you with standard lenses, lenses for astigmatism, bifocal contact lenses and hard, gas-permeable lenses as well.  Dr. McNeel utilizes Zeiss imaging and software to design specialty lenses with your eyes in mind.  Please call for more information, especially if you have been told you can't wear contact lenses.

We are pleased to introduce the Biomedics EP lens series.  This contact lens is designed for the early 40's contact lens wearer who is beginning to struggle with their near vision.  Try a complimentary pair today.

Ask about the new Definitions AC aspheric contact lens from Optical Connections.  This new contact lens design can correct imperfections in your visual system that a standard lens cannot.  We are one of the few carriers of this exciting new technology in Boise.

A word about contact lens fitting fees.  This is a fee that is charged to all contact lens patients every year.  The additional testing, corneal topography, evaluation and management required for healthy contact lens wear, as well as additional visits to obtain an optimal fit is paid up front.  This allows you up to 60 days of unlimited office visits - known as the contact lens "global fitting period" for one small fee.  Many insurance plans cover this service, some don't.  Sometimes it's charged from your VSP or Davis Vision contact lens allowance and it's a charge that your insurance carrier requires us to collect from you.  Fortunately, many contact lens manufacturers provide you with a Contact Lens Rebate to offset the cost of your lenses and fitting fees.  These are provided to you with a yearly supply of contact lenses when ordered.  Please ask for additional details.

Visit to learn about types of contact lenses, including bifocal contacts and contact lenses for astigmatism.



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